We build an automated sales funnel for your business

We design and compile the process of converting visitors into paying customers

Getting clients effortlessly

The biggest challenge will be to serve the increased customer base.

An inquirer from a visitor
and then a buyer

We elegantly guide your visitors through a consciously planned process.

Automated customer acquisition machinery for your business

You don’t even have to touch it because it brings revenue to the table on autopilot.

By forcing outdated methods, your business can constantly run into walls

So, it is time to stop…

Rush for potential customers

How about you finally not having to search for new customers, but they would come to you interested?

That you want to do everything alone

How much reassuring would it be to do business with your customer acquisition system delivering sure results?

A waste of money on ineffective things

Why stick to “hope marketing” when there is a more professional, predictable and effective solution?

Start attracting visitors, collecting leads, and converting them into paying customers on autopilot. 

This is how we build a sales funnel for your business

Or how will there be paying customers from those interested by the end of the process?

We sprinkle the seeds first, consciously cultivate them, and only then harvest them. With valuable, exciting and interesting content, we drive traffic to your site who get even more FREE value in exchange for an email subscription.

With consciously designed and automated emails, we are constantly building trust and interest. Once those interested have been sufficiently preheated, a large proportion say YES to the “entry product” offered to them.

Lead-Generating Free Asset

Capture interest

Facebook Ads

Instagram ads

Google Ads

SEO Traffic

[AD & SEO spending based on your budget]

Leads in Bulk

Build a database of potential clients.

5-7 Automated Email Campaign

Educate your leads through a well designed email sequence.

Final Sales Letter

Convert a warm lead to a paying customer and point to your website.

Conversion Focused Website

Emphasise your messaging with a conversion focused website.

Hot Leads

Enjoy a steady stream of hot leads, ready to buy.

Let the numbers do the talk...




average roi

97 %


90 %


The 4-step plan to power up your sales flow


Schedule a discovery call

This free call gives you the chance to ask any questions you have got about the process and allows us to see how we are able to best serve you.


Onboarding session

During this session, we will endeavor to learn all about your business: why you're in business, who is your customer, what problems you solve, etc. We will build a marketing tool that will increase profit, so we want to make sure that we understand what makes you different, inside-out.


Craft your sales funnel & automations

We create a Lead-Generating Asset, Ad & SEO Campaigns, Automated Email Campaign, Sales Letters, and if included, a Website that converts.


Feed the system while you sleep

Combine your new Sales Funnel, and/or Website with a proper CRM and sales process to maximise your profits and elevate your business into a new league!

What our clients will tell you about their results

Smiling CEO profile image

Norbert Zatko


Zvuk Duse client logo

The guys at Siteknowhow were responsive, professional, and perfectly captured the aesthetic of the project. My ZvukDuse website got a full refresh it needed and I was very satisfied with their work. I would definitely recommend their services to others.

Information Technology Architect  profile photo

Faisel Shuib

Information Technology Architect

ecogrant client logo

Imre and his team are amazing! They walked us through a very strategic messaging approach. They created a fantastic website that I am proud to show the public and our collaboration is ongoing as we constantly improve it. We get more than enough leads now. They know their SEO, Social Media Marketing & Google, Facebook Ads so if you are looking for a company that can achieve your goals comprehensively I would highly recommend them.

CTO profile image smiling man

Suraj Prabhakaran


Place+ client logo

We were extremely happy with the service and expertise the SiteKnowHow team brought to us. As we were challenged with creating multiple websites for various products catered for a variety of audiences, Imre ensured delivery in a seamless and timely manner. The team well understood our requirements and showcased great creative talent, ownership and involvement, and high responsiveness. They have gained our trust for further projects and we feel confident that SiteKnowHow team can be an integral part of our business. I definitely recommend SiteKnowHow for all businesses.

If you are doing business right now without a proper sales funnel,

you are most likely losing most of your potential customers.

We help you maximize your customer acquisition efficiency with a well-designed digital sales funnel

Want to learn digital marketing that works?

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  1. Create a website that sells
  2. How to make an automated sales funnel